Sargasso Sea Poster

This British Admiralty chart includes high-quality images and information about endangered species and the consequences of environmental degradation.

Produced by Maritime Training Services, the World Wildlife Fund and the Global Maritime Education and Training Association (GlobalMET), this poster is designed specifically for seafarers. 100% of profits from sales go to GlobalMET, a non-profit advocate for improving education standards in the Maritime Industry.

Sample text from the poster:

Some of the species living in the Sargasso Sea include:

  • Humpback Whale
    These 16 meter giants migrate up to 25,000 km every year to find a mate in the warm waters of the Sargasso Sea. In pursuit of the perfect lover, charismatic males "sing," producing a sound that travels hundreds of miles through the ocean to attract females.

  • Sargassum Weed
    Like a floating hotel, this plant supports a mini-ecosystem of animals found only amongst its golden-green leaves. Guests such as pipefish, shrimp, and small crabs spend their entire lives within the floating mats of the Sargassum and have evolved their body shape and color to resemble their host.

  • Flying Fish
    Found throughout the surface layers of warm oceans, flying fish use enlarged fins to glide above the water to escape predators. Some species lay eggs and intentionally tangle them within the Sargassum weed, thereby keeping them protected within the floating mats.

  • Sargassum Anglerfish
    Living only within the Sargassum weed, this "angler" fish is camouflaged and has adapted fins that are used to hold onto the weed and creep around the mats. One fin is modified as a fishing lure and used to attract prey within reach of its large mouth.

  • Sea Turtle
    Sea turtles must surface to breathe, but caught in a fisherman's net they are unable to surface and can drown. A few hardy species live more than 100 years, spending decades grazing on sea grass and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for aquatic sea life.

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