Garbage Management Plan

Our oceans are polluted with over 100 million tons of plastic debris. To combat this problem, MARPOL added two annexes targeted at removing waste pollution caused by vessels. In this video, you'll learn how MARPOL annexes IV and V govern waste collection and disposal, how to create and comply with a garbage management plan, and how to properly fill out a garbage record book.


  • Understand how MARPOL Annex IV governs collection and disposal of sewage at sea
  • Review MARPOL Annex V to learn what kinds of waste must be stored, how to dispose of the types of waste that can be safely discharged, and areas where special regulations apply
  • See the requirements for proper administration of a garbage management plan
  • Learn how to correctly fill out a garbage record book, including what to do in the case of accidental discharge
Price: $250.00
Length: 9
Audio: EN
Subtitles: EN, CH, SP
Item no: DVD0-98
Categories: Environment

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