MARPOL: Oil Pollution Regulations & the Oil Record Book (Part 2)
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Format: DVD
Length: 30
Language: ENG
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Category: Engineering, Environment
Ship type: Tanker

MARPOL: Oil Pollution Regulations & the Oil Record Book (Part 2)

Learn how the MARPOL Annex VI regulations apply to tankers and the use of the Oil Record Book for cargo oils.  This programs focuses on classification and discharge of oil and oily water as well the Oil Record Book.

  • Thorough listing of Oil Record Book codes
  • Minimize pollution caused by your vessel by complying to MARPOL guidelines
  • Enhance your crew's understanding of possible pollution due to ballast and bunkering operations


  • Rules governing tankship overboard discharges
  • Oil Record Book
  • MARPOL discharge regulations
  • Ballast monitoring and control system

These videos describe important aspects of MARPOL including:

  • Areas of Jurisdiction
  • Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment
  • Classification & Discharge of Oil and Oily Wastes
  • The Oil Record Book
  • Rules Governing Tankship Overboard Discharges